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Environment Policy

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We recognize that good environmental practice is essential for the welfare of all – our employees, our members, our community, our country and our planet.

Any activity has an environmental impact, and it's our responsibility to minimise this, and to promote environmental best practice in all areas, from what we do day-to-day through to our long-term strategic initiatives.

That's why we've introduced the 'Bupa Goes Green' initiative, to formulate environmentally-friendly practices in all that we do.

So what does this mean in practice?

Our overall approach

On a strategic basis, we:
  • Fully comply with environmental regulations in every country in which we operate.
  • Ensure that environmental considerations are integrated into our business decisions.
  • Continue to use risk assessment methods to identify potential environmental risks to our businesses.
  • Always try to minimise the environmental impact of our operations, concentrating particularly on the use of energy, waste disposal, water discharges and land management.
  • Develop a wider understanding of environmental issues amongst our suppliers, employees, customers and local committees.
  • Adopt smarter, greener procurement practices and buy green products where possible.
  • Use greener vehicles and reduce excess vehicle use.
  • Look to measure our carbon footprint and to offset it as much as possible.
  • Regularly review our policies to ensure that they remain properly aligned to the need to reduce waste and encourage the most effective utilisation of scarce resources.

Our day-to-day approach

Here's just some of what we do and use daily to minimise our environmental impact:
  • Timers for lights, air conditioning and vending machines so they're not wasting energy running when no-one needs them.
  • Power-saving devices such as lighting sensors and energy-efficient light fittings
  • Office waste recycling collection points for paper and plastic.
  • Water conservation via filtration equipment and tank-bags inside toilets
  • Setting paper printing on double sided default mode
  • Recycling Bupa membership cards
  • Redesigning our packaging and mailing materials to be more environmental friendly.
  • Video and teleconferencing to reduce air travel
  • Printer cartridge recycling and carbon neutral paper
  • Encouraging all employees to turn off computers, monitors, printers and lights when leaving the office
  • Promoting walking commutes and carpooling where feasible.
  • Promoting the use of stairs to reduce energy use and carbon foot print as well as encouraging a healthier life style for employees.

Fit For Life

We've also developed a corporate health and wellbeing initiative to promote a healthier and greener working environment for all our staff throughout all Bupa Arabia offices.

Alongside Bupa Goes Green, the key elements include promoting exercise and healthy eating, as well as stopping smoking.

  • Two in-office gyms (male / female).
  • Discount for Bupa staff at external gym.
  • In-house cafeteria with healthy food options.
  • Staff health check for all employees across the Kingdom.

This fosters a better and healthier lifestyle, as well as encouraging and rewarding personal initiatives. It also ensures greater motivation, dedication and all-round performance among our employees.

Bupa is an all-round health care partner and as such, we believe that all lives matter. Nothing is more important than the health of our employees as through them our vision becomes reality. Through our annual Bupa Global Challenge we invite all our employees from across the globe to join in the aim of living an active, healthy life.

Find out more

For more details on related initiatives, please see Bupa Corporate Social Responsibility​

If you have any questions about our environmental policy, please contact us

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