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Throughout the past year, we have launched several projects in line with the global Bupa sustainability strategy – although the 'sustainability' mindset is still developing in the region, we are helping to pioneer a long-term approach.
We have focused our program on three pillars: Orphans, Employees and Community.

From these we have developed our current initiatives:
  • Orphans: Orphans free medical insurance and orphans Day Activity
  • Employees: Bupa football & basketball tournament, Bupa weight loss program and Bupa Stairs walk.
  • Community: Health & wellbeing Information, E-Sehaty, and Bupa Global Challenge Initiative.

Looking to tomorrow

Our medical and professional expertise provides us with the knowledge and scale to confidently contribute to the world and environment around us. We believe that by using our core strengths and centres of excellence we can touch the lives of our community, customers and employees in a way that can positively impact on both health and the environment, while being rewarding to our brand and business.

Our ambition is to create sustainable programmes that influence the lives that we touch wherever they may be, in a way that empowers and enables the individual to take control of their health. In addition these programmes need to address prevention as well as disease management and provide both the information and the tools that help the individual.

Two programmes for the future

This would entail creating two key programmes, built around the needs of their respective target audiences:
  • Community; including preventive care and disease management, plus our Orphans programme, providing both private medical insurance and an active and engaging environment that helps them keep fit and play a part in society.
  • Employees; Preventive Health, including a Work/Life Balance programme, helping employees become healthier, more productive and more efficient, giving them more time to spend with their loved ones. This includes using sports to create positive team relationships as well as to keep fit. Also engaging employees to keep the environment healthy and to give back to society.

If you have any questions about any of our programmes, either current or planned, please contact us​
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