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Health insurance is one thing, Tebtom Healthcare Services from Bupa are another

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800 440 4040



How can I benefit from Tebtom services?
Our members can call Tebtom program toll-free number (800 440 4040) to benefit from its services.

'Bupa Doctor' service is open to all. It's a service provided by us to all community members in order to help them live a better and healthier life.
Who can benefit from 'Maternity Care, Child Care, Elderly Care, Cancer Care' services?
All our members can benefit from these services.
Who can benefit from 'Chronic Diseases Care' service?
Who can use the 'International Second Medical Opinion' service?
Do Bupa doctors proactively initiate Tebtom program services?
Yes. Our doctors call our members and proactively initiate Tebtom program services.

Services are initiated based on the members’ medical requirements. For example, 'Maternity Care' service is offered to new mother-to-be while 'Elderly Care' service is offered to senior members. Similarly, 'Chronic Diseases Care' service is offered to members diagnosed with chronic diseases.
Which Bupa members are most likely to be called by Bupa Doctors?
Proactive calls from our Bupa Doctor are prioritized to members who are most in need of medical help, according to their medical records.
Can non-Bupa members benefit from Tebtom program?
All non-Bupa members can benefit from 'Bupa Doctor' service at any time. All other services will be available to non-members upon joining our community through any of our healthcare programs.
Upon joining our community through any of our healthcare programs, you will be automatically eligible for Tebtom program services, and without any additional fees. Tebtom will be your health companion wherever you are.

We have provided more than 160 of our doctors to support Tebtom. Our doctors will communicate with you, providing advice across various health areas, so you can always rest assured.

You can benefit from Tebtom program by calling the toll-free number 800 440 4040. Our doctors will be glad to assist you in your inquiries and provide Tebtom program services.
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