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Q. What coverage schemes does Bupa Business offer?
A. Bupa Business offers 7 coverage schemes, namely: Diamond, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Blue, White, Green and Basic​.​​​
Q. What are the required documents to apply for Bupa Business insurance?
A. You will need the following documents: copy of Commercial Registration, fill the Medical Declaration, ID copy of the authorized person for health insurance, ID copy of the Company’s owner and fill in the (KYC) Know Your Customer form.​​
Q. Why do I have to send Bupa a copy of my family card?
A. The family card is required to verify the ages and genders of all family card members, In order to quote an accurate policy price ​​
Q. Can I choose the hospital I want to be treated in?
A. You can only choose your medical provider if you’re a member of the “Maternity – My Provider” medical insurance program for the Saudi family. For details about the program please visit the program’s page.​​
Q. Is it possible to obtain insurance for resident families?
A. Yes, there is insurance for resident families through Bupa Business product for Individuals.​​
Q. Does Bupa Arabia offer insurance plans for Saudi individuals?
A. Yes, We, at Bupa Arabia, offers the first medical insurance program for Saudi singles. For more information please visit the program’s page​
Q. Why are Bupa products more expensive than many other providers?
A. Bupa Arabia is a leading medical insurance company with a best in class reputation. Bupa offers one of the widest coverage networks in the Kingdom as well as the highest quality of healthcare services. Our comprehensive customer service system grants our customers access 24/7 to qualified healthcare advice and support. This includes a dedicated Customer care helpline, online support, SMS service, Emergency evacuation services, Doctor on phone, Basma service and more. Bupa offers complete peace of mind, anywhere, anytime – what many consider to be a priceless service.​​
Q. What are the different insurance products offered by Bupa?
A. Bupa offers the following products:
  • Bupa for Corporates – Large companies
  • Bupa Business for Small & medium establishments (SMEs)
  • Bupa Business for Individuals
  • Bupa Family – for Saudi Families

Q. Is maternity and delivery covered from the first day of the contract inception?
  • For both new and renewal clients, Bupa Family covers maternity and delivery from the first day of the contract inception.
  • Bupa Business covers maternity and delivery from the first day of the contract inception
Q. How long does it take for a member to receive his/ her membership card after signing an insurance contract with Bupa?
A. All members will receive their cards within 5 working days from signing the contract for all insurance schemes, but Bupa business for indidviduals will be received their cards within the same time of applying for the insurance.
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