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The Launch of Bupa Family and Bupa Family Newlyweds

Bupa Arabia is very pleased to announce the Launch of the first two of the New Bupa Family Products, namely Bupa Family and Bupa Family - Newlyweds.

The new products were developed to cater to the different segments within the Saudi Family for those that do not see the added value of Private Health Insurance.

Our target is to provide more attractive, value added products and services in the market in order to reach more people and change their health habits.

The New Bupa Family is a revamp to replace our existing Bupa Family product and is targeting Saudi Families who usually pay in cash for their health needs.

The Bupa Family-Newlyweds is targeting small Saudi Families and Newlyweds. This product offers access to good providers at a cheaper price and with tailored coverage that newlyweds would prefer and can afford.

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